6 Small Decor Ideas that Make a Difference

After a long time of Circuit Breaker, are you getting bored with your room? Are you thinking about making major changes, such as repainting your room or buying new statement furniture? Before you splash out on large and bold pieces, take a look at these small decor items that will add personality to the space.

The little things are just as important as the expensive, ‘high-brow’ furnishings. The smallest details can add a lot of detail and emotion to an interior. You can make a space more special by using family heirlooms or pre-loved items.

You can add these small but powerful items to your shopping basket without causing a big dent in your wallet:


Pillows and throws can make any room more comfortable! Bright textiles can make your couch or bed feel new. They are charming, funny, and bold. You can choose from shaggy, ruffly sheep fur pillows or an embroidered Moroccan-inspired patterned pillow. Or you can place a fringe throw.

Licensed Wall Art and Prints

If you’re stuck at home, it means that you spend more time looking at your walls than at your computer screen. Hang this wall art that shows the world atlas. It’s a great way to escape social media, even though we can’t travel. Browse the works of renowned San Francisco artists Rob Delamater’s Abstract Art collectionMagesa Biseko’s Glowing Seashells Collection, and Keith Haring’s graffiti pop-art street collection. You don’t like colors, but you still want to make a bold statement. This stylish gold-plated wall decor might be like that. They will give your room a completely different feel and can be easily changed if you get bored.

Vases with Botanicals

Style your space with real or faux botanicals. It’s the most affordable way to transform a room. You don’t have to worry about your plant wilting or having to set up a schedule of watering on top of a busy day. Hydrangeas in multiple colors and evergreen succulents will bring life to your home! For beach lovers, we recommend our baby blue shell vase, while for minimalists, we suggest a round beige Peyton Bowl Planter. You can create a modern, organic look by using any of these items in a corner.


Mirrors can be a great addition to anyone living in confined spaces. You need to carefully consider where you will place the mirror to make the most out of its potential. Mirrors can be used to create the illusion of space in a small room. Decorative mirrors, when placed in the right place and reflecting natural light, will add depth and brightness. Choose a twinkling Sunburst Round Wall Mirror or a Rustic Hollywood Glam Oval Mirror that will make your #mirrorselfies pop. Our round hanging mirror is perfect for achieving that Scandinavian look.

Sculptures & Decoratives

Add a small sculpture to your console table or bookshelf if you enjoy mixing patterns and colors. This piece can be a family heirloom or a souvenir. It will add character and become a meaningful memory. You can use small ceramics or sculptures to decorate a coffee table or bookcase. You can use the silver-winged ornament to add drama. A shiny colored quartz stone or sleek black sand hour shade will also draw attention. Let your imagination run wild when choosing an accent.

Tabletop touches

Do you eat more at home? Dine in style. There are many ways to elevate the dining experience at home. From elegant candles to create a romantic atmosphere to attractive centerpieces and glam glasses, there is a lot you can do. Serve cocktails with an elegant vintage metal mirror tray, or display your baked goods in hotelier style for tea time. Browse our collection of dinnerware for elevated plating.

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