Add Luxury To Your Home By Decorating The Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces themselves are very sophisticated and look fascinating. You will almost find them in every house these days, but maybe not the traditional ones, as electric fireplaces have taken the place of wooden and gas fireplaces. Do you know why? Because they are easier to maintain, affordable, and give the same feel.

You will agree that people have electric fireplaces but don’t know how to decorate them and make them look more classy and luxurious. So, to give you ideas on how you can decorate your electric fireplace, we have jotted down a few ideas:

With Pampas Grass Flank It

When you are looking for an idea that can stand out from the entire space, you can choose an option to place a huge vase with some floral arrangements by the fireplace side. You can go with pampas grass that exudes the cool vibe and goes well with a neutral and modern color palette and make it look just perfect at every time of the year.

It depends on you how you wish to decorate the fireplace and make it look classy. As people generally ask – are electric fireplaces tacky- The answer is No, as it’s your choice what sort of fireplace you have bought and from where you have got it. As the quality and the look depend on the brand you choose, make sure you choose the right one from the right company.

Add Floor Cushions

This one is the favorite of all the couples who like to add romance to their daily life – sitting in front of the electric fireplace on the floor cushion and drinking hot chocolate after tiring office time. Doesn’t it sound romantic and relaxed? If your answer is yes, then add floor cushions in front of your fireplace and give it a boho accent.

Match Artwork With Decor

Search for eye-catching artwork that adds texture and life to the room and hang it on the wall above your fireplace. For example, if you have placed flowers on the mantel, then the floral painting will speak to the flowers and make the fireplace area look artistic and elegant.

Make It Pop With Color

Pop the entire fireplace by adding color, pattern, and texture to it. Decorate the corners of the fireplace with bright pink color, and you can even add a wall cabinet above it whose doors are of the same pink color. Imagine how vibrant and interesting your fireplace will look.

Lean A Mirror

In case your living room has a contemporary design, including a modern chandelier, a wood coffee table with a current color scheme of blue and white creates an aesthetic look. So, when you are thinking of decorating the fireplace in the same way, then add an elegant mirror. But keep one thing in mind: don’t hang it, but lean it on the mantel.

Final Words

Having an electric fireplace has many benefits, and the best part is you can decorate it as per your room’s decor and make it look elegant and sophisticated. You don’t have to think about the fire and wood ashes while decorating it, and this is the fascinating thing you will only experience with an electric fireplace.

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