Ten lucky home decor trends

Decorating your home is a tedious and exhausting project that seems never to be completed. Every year, there is a new trend that offers some creative ways to spice up your home. These are lucky home decor trends. These are the innovations that make interior designers’s life a bit easier.

1. Removable/Adjustable Wallcovering- Wallpaper can be a great way to add some sass and a little sassiness to a boring wall. Wallpaper is a pain to install or remove. Removable wallpaper can be removed by pulling and sticking. It can be placed anywhere you like for as long as possible without much hassle.

2. New Pantone Colours- Each year, Pantone releases new colors for interior design. Earthy colors with a touch of vibrancy are not an exception in 2017.

3. Natural Beauty- In 2017, the use of wood and natural products will remain the same. The look of all homes will be more earth-friendly, with popular furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

4. Image is everything – In the past, you may have been able to get away with having a beautiful house and a mediocre yard. But 2017 will be the year of landscaping. The outside of a home should reflect the work done on the interior. It is unfair to describe a house that has been carefully chosen and designed as beautiful just because its yard isn’t up to standard.

5. You can now say goodbye to wood. Although laminate has been available for years, it does not look as good as real wood. In 2017, a new flooring option will be available. Birch Wood Floors will solve all your problems with wood flooring. The look of wood is achieved with the ease of maintenance of tiles. This is a win-win situation.

6. The Kitchen of the Future – In 2017, many people will update their kitchens, but there will be lots of new options. Kitchens will become more technologically advanced with multi-functional appliances, hands-free taps, and equipment that you can control via your smartphone.

7. Reclaimed wood will replace metal and glass furniture in 2017. In 2017, a rustic, down-home look will be in style.

8. It’s time to retire the old lighting. LED is the new rage in TVs, but it won’t be long before LED lighting dominates the home and kitchen lighting. The upgrade will be expensive, but will pay off.

9. New Metal Furniture – Plain iron furniture is no longer the only option. In 2017, furniture will start to feature new trendy metals like rose gold. Other non-traditional metals will also be used to create a complex range of metal accessories and furniture for a modern look.

10. Accent Walls Are Back- Earthtones will be in demand in 2017. However, a nice dark wall accent, such as a rustic dark brown or dark chocolate, would be perfect. This adds comfort and complexity to the home while also calming it.

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