Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Removalist

Have you ever heard the saying ‘cheap can be expensive’? This saying is especially true when hiring a removalist. It can be tempting for you to pick a cheap removalist in order to save some money. However, the added cost and stress that comes with a poor moving experience will far outweigh your savings. When searching for cheap removalists in Brisbane, it’s crucial to avoid solely focusing on cheap options, as they might lead to significant drawbacks and unforeseen expenses.

Removalists who are cheap cause more headaches than they solve

Removal companies that are too cheap can cause unprofessionalism and property damage. They may also result in the loss of personal belongings. Prioritising the quality and reputation a removalist is essential. This will make moving a stress-free and smooth experience.

This article explains why you should not hire a cheap moving company and how to locate a reliable removalist who will make your move stress-free.

1. Have you checked their Google Reviews?

Check their Google reviews. It may be tempting to choose a cheap removalist, but it is important to look at the quality of service. You can get a better idea of their professionalism and level of care by checking out reviews. Make sure you read both the best and worst reviews. Be sure to pay attention to patterns or issues that recur. You can avoid potential complications and risks by researching and selecting a reputable moving company.

2. Hidden Extras: The Costly Surprises

It is likely that a quote you receive seems too good-to-be true. Some movers give customers an initial low estimate, only to raise the price after the move. You won’t be able to contest the price increase without a written estimate.

Moving companies may add hidden charges to boost their income. Transparency is key. Be open with your moving company and ask for a written estimate. It can be frustrating to pay a large amount more than the verbal quote due to additional fees such as bulky items and stair carrying.

3. Are they experienced movers?

When choosing removalists, consider the phrase “You get what your pay for”. You may not get a good moving service if you only pay for cheap removalists.

Are they professional and experienced movers? Savings may not be worth the damage that could occur to your furniture or property.

4. Insurance and Accountability

Make sure that the company you hire to move your valuables is insured. It is important to know that the company will be responsible if anything goes wrong. You need to be sure that the company will take damage complaints seriously. It’s important to know that your removalist will take any damage to your possessions seriously.

5. The Proper Equipment to Carry

Furniture moving requires a lot more than just lifting heavy objects. It also involves quick thinking and a lot of hard work. The cost of moving can easily exceed your expectations if you don’t have the right equipment.

Removalists who are cheaper may only provide the minimum. These removalists may forget to include important items like blankets, tools and even ramps.

6. Plan B Ability

Even if you have planned everything well, there are always unexpected circumstances that can occur during a move. You may encounter a delay with settlement or tenants who do not vacate the property on time.

You can have peace of mind in these situations by having a back-up plan, or knowing that the removalist is flexible and can help you. Some cheap removalists may not be able to provide overnight storage. Paying a bit more for a moving company that can offer this service may be worth it.

7. The Professionalism Level

It’s well worth the money to pay for the professionalism of your moving company. Every move should be professionally conducted. They are:

  • Moving companies that keep you updated
  • Load your luggage properly
  • drive safely,
  • Have proper insurance
  • Ensure that you treat your possessions with care.

8. High-Quality Customer Services

By investing in a removalist service that is reputable and trustworthy, you can be sure to not rely on just one person with a vehicle. Hire a team that can handle your move.

Professional teams should not only handle the actual moving of your items, but also administrative tasks like;

  • communication,
  • payments,
  • We are always available to help you in any situation.

Opting for slightly more expensive services ensures that you will have reliable support available when needed.

9. You Can Pay Cash for the Service

It’s acceptable to pay in cash, but it is important to know where the money goes. Cash payments are preferred by many businesses to avoid GST. This could cause problems.

It’s also important to check if the removalists you hire are paid fairly.

10. Enjoying Peace of Mind

It can be stressful to hire a mover, and you do not want to have to worry if they will take care of your possessions. Avoiding cheap removal companies is a good idea.

You should feel at ease with the company. You want to be sure that the removal company will treat your valuables as you would. Antiques, artworks, homewares and electronics to bulky furniture.

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