Decorate Your Home with Blue and Green

Blue and green, either alone or in combination, can add a soothing effect to any room. The shades of green and blue tend to add a calming element to your home. The hues of green and blue are said to have healing properties.

The color green is made up of blue and yellow. It is a mild sedative that can be used to treat nervous disorders, ulcers, and colds. It strengthens the eyes. It is useful in treating many inflammatory conditions.

Blue: Blue is a cool color. It is soothing, can reduce pain and bleeding, and heals burns. Blue light tends to keep blood pressure normal.

You can use blue and green to decorate your home in many ways.

Create a centerpiece for your dining table in blue and green. Mix the vases, candle holders, and candles of different sizes on a runner. Remember not to keep them at the same height.

You can create a stunning buffet on the dining table by using different shades of blue and green. You can use fancy bowls, plates, and glasses in the same colors to create a serene atmosphere.

Place the vase with white flowers in a blue or green color.

Blue and green are perfect for the living room. Make your home eco-friendly by using pastel shades of greens and blues. Use these shades to paint walls, drapes, couches, and upholstery.

Blues and greens can also be used as the base color in bedrooms. Accent pillows in shades of green and blue can be added to neutral bedding. Add accessories like picture frames and stacks of books bound in the same color.

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