Decorating Hacks That Add Fun Touches To Your Home

Home decor gives our homes a personal touch and gives a clue of who we are and what we like. Now that winter is heading our way, it’s nice to stay indoors and dedicate some time to our hobbies or sprucing up our home. By spending more time at home, we might feel the need to change our living space without spending too much.

Sometimes, no drastic measures are required to make our home feel new. The trick can be to reuse old stuff in new ways, find interesting ideas, and roll up your sleeves. The things we can use are often already around us, in the garage, in the yard, or in the storage room – you need to find them and throw in a little creativity. If your imagination is running low, these ideas can help you get started.

Wall decorating ideas

Puzzle Frames

One thing that every family surely has at home is a puzzle. Perhaps you are thinking of making use of your puzzle after it has been put together. Well, one of the ways to do so is to create a puzzle frame, allowing you to appreciate the effort you put in the first place. Custom jigsaw puzzles¬†can be an art in themselves, as they can decorate the walls of your living room or your kids’ room in various motifs and styles. Custom puzzles of your favorite picture are truly a unique way to hold onto a special memory; they make lovely home decor and can even be the perfect gift to someone you hold dear.

Hangers Instead Of Frames

Photographic art has been a trend for a long time. You do not have to spend a fortune buying expensive photographs, but you can print your photos. Instead of buying frames, you can easily nail clip hangers to the wall. Since the clips can be adjusted, it is easy to replace pictures if you get tired or find new favorite posters to hang up.

Framing Dear Possessions

Reusing old items, including beautiful old frames, is a well-proven styling trick, but have you thought it is possible to frame more than photos, prints, and posters? Let them prepare something you hold dear and want to show off. An excellent idea is to incorporate musical instruments as part of your wall decor. Use wire to attach the item to the frame or set up a shelf edge that aligns with the bottom of the frame.

Text Wallpaper

Make your wallpaper by pasting pages from old magazines or newspapers on the wall with wallpaper paste. If you want to step it up a notch, pages from older books can also create a nice and unusual effect.

Spice Up Your Living Space

Table Made Of Doors

The wood in old exterior doors is often solid, perfect to use as a tabletop. If you are going to create a desk, you can place the door on cabinets with drawers, and if you prefer to use it as a dining table, it is better to build it up with real legs so that those who are to sit and eat around the table can fit their legs.

Colored Bookshelf

Bookshelves can be bland sometimes, especially if you don’t have the right decorations on display. But there’s one way you can make sure there is always some intrigue. With a painted wall behind the open shelves, the bookshelf wall is tied together into a decorative eye-catcher in the room, like a picture. Another option is to put up wallpaper behind, and maybe you can mix it up with wallpaper with motifs of concrete or brick to make it look like a real wall.

Paint The Furniture

Give your furniture, flea market finds, or the old, worn desk new life with a little paint. Repainting furniture is a simple and inexpensive trick to renew the atmosphere at home. If you want to go a step further, a stylish tip is to paint the furniture in the wall color. Another decoration trend is to use metal-colored objects. We recommend that you buy gold or silver-colored paint and spray the objects to give them a lively look. You can use other objects to create a fun interior: flower pots and vases, unused toys, chair legs, glass or plastic bottles, and refrigerator magnets.

Frame The View

Another excellent and fun idea is to frame the view in a room, meaning you can color the windows in your room, making them look like a painting. At the same time, it binds together the colors in the room.

Glass Bottles As Vases

Our craze for fine packaging, of course, applies to bottles and jars that we buy for the kitchen as well. Once you have finished using what is inside of them, you can wash them and place a flower or two. This will make a perfect glass vase. Those who like the retro style do not have to look around at flea markets but can visit well-stocked grocery stores and market halls instead and find interesting glass designs produced by different beverage companies.

Look For Details

Mood Board With Clothespins

An easy way to put a personal touch to the desk corner is to create a mood board. Whether your line of work is doing something creative or enjoying making things as a leisure activity, it is both a practical and flexible way to easily change the impression of your working corner by using pictures, fabric samples, color cards, and memory notes. Think of using a clothesline and attach the photos with clothespins.


Although this trend has been around for centuries, it is still one of the most effective ways to illuminate rooms and achieve the feeling of more space. Try to place mirrors where there is natural light to enhance the space and make it look bigger. A fun decorating hack is to turn your old wooden tennis racket into a mirror, placing it either in the hallway or in one of your rooms.

Final thoughts

Our homes are a reflection of the people who live in them. How we decorate them says something about our taste and even our way of life. There is no such thing as the perfect home, but homes that are ideally decorated according to our needs and personality. Every space in our home can be explored creatively with simple and fun touches to our interior. The important thing is to decorate it in a way that both makes our homes cozy and surprises our guests.

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