Five Salt Lamps for Home Decor

Salt lamps are available on the market in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The pink mineral salt used in the salt lamp comes from the Salt Mines located at the foothills of the Himalayan Range.

Salt has a distinctive color due to the presence of trace elements. The pinkish-white tint turns orange-red. When the lamp is lit, this color gives the room an ethereal glow. It is not only pleasing to the décor of the room but also brings a sense of calmness. Salt lamps are used for light therapy in spas, therapy centers, and at home. It has been scientifically proven that light regulates emotional hormones. Increase energy and purify the air.

The salt lamp can be used to enhance the atmosphere of a home.

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular salt lamps this season as more and more sellers invade the market.

Himalayan Orange Globes

It is possible to model the salt lamp into many different shapes and figures that are pleasing to the eye.

Orange globes are a very popular shape with customers. This product is popular because it has a sun. The orange tint gives off a warm glow that makes the room feel cozier.

You can adjust the brightness of your salt lamp. On the cord is a dimmer switch. The dark mode is recommended since the low setting produces more negative ions.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt in Basket

A rock salt basket is another product that has become more popular. Rock salt chunks are placed into metal baskets and lit with a lamp. The chunks of rock salt are placed in a wire basket to add a Victorian feel to the decor.

Hand-chipped chunks of salt. The natural look is achieved by varying the shape of each piece. The basket gives the impression of a campfire next to a bonfire. Metal baskets can be used in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Note: Himalayan Salt Lamps are not suitable for outdoor use. It is highly hygroscopic. It absorbs water from the air. (Avoid using this product when the air is very humid.

Hand Carved Natural Form Himalayan Salt Lamp

According to statistics on product sales in the past few years, the hand-carved sal lamp has been the most popular product among consumers. The rough shape of the salt lamp, which is hand-chipped, gives it a more natural look.

The rough surface of the lamp is important from a scientific perspective. The irregular shape is larger and releases more negative ions than other shapes. A low-watt electric bulb is used to heat the salt lamp and light it. The bulb’s heat emits negative ions.

Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Lamp Decor

In addition to the pyramid shape, the Himalayan salt lamp is very popular. This unique shape adds a touch of exoticism to your home.

The customer may be interested in this shape if they are looking for a salt lamp that looks different from the typical rough-shaped salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lamp In Various Shapes

These lamps come in a variety of shapes, from ovals and circles to castles and buildings to ducks and whales and even umbrellas and fruits. These dynamic shapes give the home a unique character. Guests and families can enjoy air purification benefits with the additional benefit of home décor.

The weights of the Himalayan salt lamps range from 5 to 50 pounds. To 50 pounds. The Himalayan Salt Lamp emits negative ions, so different sizes are recommended for rooms of various sizes. In larger rooms, it is better to use larger salt crystals to purify air.

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