Home Decor and Airflow: Where Design and Function Meet

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently and effectively if you have good airflow throughout your home. It distributes hot or cold air in your home to the areas where it is needed most. It’s important to check the flow of air in your home. If you find that the heat or cold air is not spreading because your furniture is blocking the airflow, then it’s time for an evaluation.

When is it time to rearrange your furniture?

Have you spent time planning how you want your furniture to be arranged? But have you thought about what you placed in front of air vents in the room? You may have placed furniture in front to hide them or camouflage the vents if you did not want them to be visible. You may not have noticed that you had blocked the airflow coming from those vents by placing a table or chair in front of them. It’s not so important what furniture you use as much as where it is placed. Even the smallest of chairs can block airflow. Remove the furniture and allow the air to flow. Furniture can be used to hide the vents, but you should ensure that the majority of air is able to escape and enter the room.

Open up those drapes.

Even sheers can be used to complete the look of your room. They also work well at capturing air when placed above vents. You will notice that the air entering your home is much less if you keep your drapes partially closed. You can’t avoid the fact that drapes are necessary and desirable, but you can install them in a way that they don’t trap air.

If you have drapes that are above vents, make sure to hem them a little higher so that they do not create a conduit. For the other windows, you’ll have to keep the drapes as open as possible when you want a breeze. In winter, it’s okay to keep them closed as they are great at trapping heat inside the house.

Install More Fans

They are also a great way to decorate your ceiling and circulate air in your home. The fans can also reduce the temperature by a few degrees, and they are able to offset their energy consumption because you will be reducing the amount of electricity or gas needed to run the HVAC. Choose fans that will not overwhelm the room. If you are worried about the fan being too obvious, choose a color that will blend in with your ceiling.

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