How to Prepare your home for a new roof

A leaking roof can be stressful and expensive. Water damage will increase the longer your roof leaks. It is important to invest in a brand new roof when the old one has reached its end of life.

Finding the right contractor is essential to getting a new roofing system for your house. According to this roofing company in Warren, MI, installing a roof on a home without professional help can be disastrous. You should hire professionals to do the work rather than risk long-term damages caused by a DIY roof installation.

After you have chosen a roofing contractor, you should begin preparing your home for roof installation. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your house for a new roofing system.

Protect Your Attic Items

Every year, over 5 million residential roofs in the United States are installed. Your attic is exposed to the weather during the roofing installation process. This exposure time will be determined by how quickly your roofing contractor works and whether there are any unforeseen issues. Ask the roofing contractor how long your attic will be exposed.

Before removing your residential roof, protect any items you think could be damaged by covering them with a thick plastic sheet. Remove all valuables. This will keep the moisture and debris from damaging your items until you install your new roof.

Remove Vehicles from the Way

During roof installation, debris from your house will fall. It’s best to move your cars temporarily to avoid shingles and other roofing materials hitting them. It is best to remove any debris from the driveway that you have in front of your house. This will make it easier for the roofing contractor to enter and exit the site.

You should check around your house after the roof installation to make sure that no sharp objects or nails have been left. Most roofing companies will inspect for sharp objects after completing a job. However, they may not find all of them. You can remove any nails or other debris from your car’s tires by performing your inspection.

Trim Back Your Hedges

Trim the hedges surrounding your home before installing a new roof. Contractors will leave nails and other debris on your property during the installation. It will be difficult for workers to remove small pieces of debris if you have thick hedges. It is best to hire a professional landscaper to handle this job. This will ensure that it is done quickly and correctly.

Get to Work

You can make the process of installing a roof easier for all involved by following the advice provided here.

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