How to Style Your Home in a Luxury Look

Dressing up your living area is the key to making a lasting impression on guests. You’ll be able to impress anyone who enters your home by creating a luxurious, stylish space. This article is for those who are inspired by hotels and resorts they’ve visited while traveling.

The living room is the heart of your house. It’s where you host friends, have grand parties, relax with family and spend time together. Our in-house designers have some tips and tricks to help you create a luxurious space without spending a fortune. It’s time to step up your interior design!

Create a lighting concept with layers.

Lighting can make or break a room, even though the average person often overlooks this aspect. From hanging chandeliers and lamp shades to studio lighting to illuminate your wall-mounted masterpieces, a variety of light sources can add depth to a room. Hang an impressive chandelier for ambient lighting, or opt for a romantic look by using a pretty, contemporary quartz-stone tealight holder.

Ambient lighting determines the mood for various occasions. The addition of dimmer switches in place of standard on/off switches makes it easy to change the intensity of lighting from bright, generous illumination for social gatherings to low, delicate light for romantic date nights and lounging.

Invest in textiles

Textiles are any products that are woven or made from fabric. This includes throw pillows, area rugs, and upholstery. These pieces may seem simple, but they are used for a wide range of purposes in any room.

Layered, thoughtfully mixed materials and textures give your space an upscale, custom-designed look. A classic mix of metals and woods with textiles and leather creates a dynamic, inviting space. It’s easy to create visual intrigue by using a patterned rug in your home’s color scheme. It can help define rooms and ground furniture groups.

You can have too many pillows. Err on the side of moderation. Replace old pillow covers with new, crisp ones if you have them.

Full-length window treatments

Window treatments can instantly add a touch of luxury to any room. One cardinal rule: Never buy draperies too short. They will look cheap, ill-fitting, and store-bought.

Interiors with high ceilings tend to be more expensive. Consider raising your window coverings to give the illusion of height. This will make your home feel more grand. When you are considering blinds, a style that is made to measure will look much more elegant. This is because a blind person who does not fit correctly in the recess can appear cheap and unkempt.

Invest in large-scale art.

A large, eye-catching piece of art can be both a conversation starter and a way to give your home heft. Even if your items are not too expensive, a massive mirror or canvas will make a huge impression.

Experts agree that the best hotel art is not anonymous or technical but has a personal meaning. It’s best to use online resources to learn about different art styles and artists. Then, visit a store to examine the finer details. Most Singaporean homes have a calligraphy fog waterscape piece. But to make your home stand out, you can choose licensed art prints by established artists.

Use metallics

A metallic clock, table pedestal, or decorative accent will instantly add style to any room. Pairing metals with neutral or rustic decor will bring a new level of sophistication to your furniture. You can add a fancy metal mirror wall decor or a marble table with a brass accent to your room.

In most cases, less is more. Subtle touches can make a statement. Combining sequined cushions with glittery lights and glitzy wallpaper will make it too loud and crowded. It is possible to have too much of a great thing.

Don’t hesitate to mix metals. This is a nice change from the usual range. The warmth of brass and the coolness of sterling create an interesting balance, adding texture and glamour.

Add a sculpture

Introduce an element that has a unique shape or a twist to avoid a sea full of circular shapes and straight lines. Replace the boring and popular furniture with a colorful garden stool, or add an interesting sculpture to bring life and interest to your space. You can also give your room a feeling of wisdom with a piece that has a patina. You can use anything from the distressed wood side tablerustic glass mirror tray, or lucky accessories.

No matter whether you shop online, in retail stores, or thrift shops, there are plenty of options. Take a photo of the area you plan to decorate, and include measurements. Then, imagine your potential purchase in its new location.

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The cornerstone of luxury design is custom furniture. Designed to fit every corner and crevice, your space becomes a sanctuary for your style. The pieces will fit together as if they were a jigsaw. Any odd space is an opportunity to reinvent it and make it work for your lifestyle.

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