How to Use Engineered Stone in Your Home

The choice of materials for a home renovation is often regarded as one of the hardest stages. Engineered stone benchtops are still a popular choice among contractors because of their durability and versatility. These artificial construction materials look natural and stylish despite being made of synthetic materials.

Engineered stone benchtops, also known as quartz counters, are cheaper than natural stones like marble. So, it’s no surprise that many homes in the United States have them.

When planning a renovation, it’s important to consider synthetic, engineered stone benchtops. This article explains engineered stone benches and how they can enhance your home.

What Are Engineered Stone Benches?

Engineered stone benchtops are not limited to benchtops. They can be used throughout your home. More than 90% of these slabs are made of crushed quartz, one of the hardest and most abundant minerals on earth.

The material is composed of granite aggregates, glass, and shells. Resin is used to bond the materials together. The engineered stone and quartz tops are given a unique look and feel by the addition of pigments and other additives.

6 Innovative Uses of Engineered Stone Benchtops in Your Home

Quartz countertops are a great choice for homes and construction projects. Engineered stones, due to their non-porous and durable nature, can be used for the kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Here are some practical alternatives to using engineered stone benches in your home:

As Kitchen Benchtop

Engineered stone benchtops can be found in virtually any color and in different colors or patterns. If you are looking for a classic or modern design that will complement the theme of your home, then take a look at all the quartz tops available on the market.

Many home experts agree that engineered stone benches are not only stylish but also easy to clean and maintain. The material can resist heat, stains, and scratches and is also resistant to chemical substances used in the kitchen.

As Flooring

Even though wood floors look great, they need to be maintained. This includes refinishing or replacing them, especially if your home has children, pets, or frequent guests. Vinyl floors are a great alternative, but they can be easily stained and damaged.

However, you don’t need to worry about heavy foot traffic or pets damaging the flooring in your home. Its durability ensures that your floors will look great for a long time.

As a Bathroom Vanity Top

Your bathroom is probably the most used room in your house, next to the kitchen. Quartz is a great choice for a material that will withstand your hygiene and beauty routine. Engineered stone benchtops are not only durable but also reliable. They can be shaped into many different shapes. The stone is easy to install and requires little maintenance, making it a great choice for remodeling your bathroom.

Home Mini-Bar Counter

If you love to host cocktail and beer parties for friends and family, your mini-bar countertop must have an engineered stone top to protect it from damage caused by spills or scratches. Mini-bar counters are often used outdoors as an extension of the kitchen, so they must, therefore, be durable enough to handle any culinary or beverage mishaps.

Bathroom and other indoor space walls

Many modern bathrooms feature a Wet Room, an area designed specifically to deal with moisture. This space is sometimes called the shower area, and a bathtub is a fixture enclosed and separated from the vanity and toilet.

Engineered stone benchtops are suitable for your bathroom and can also be used indoors or on concrete walls. Quartz can be used to create a backsplash in a kitchen or as interior cladding. These surfaces are hygienic and non-porous. They also repel water, protecting your interior walls.

As Fireplaces

Engineered stone benchtops are also a great material for building a fireplace because of their heat resistance. Quartz slabs can be used to enhance the appearance of your living room. They come in a range of styles, from sleek and simple to elegant and contemporary.

Final Thoughts

Engineered stone benchtops, or artificial stone benches, are very versatile and durable. They can be used in many different ways around the home. Even though they are manufactured, they are resistant to dents, scratches, and high temperatures.

The fixed structure of engineered stone makes it more durable than natural stone. Quartz benchtops, despite their superior qualities and lower price than granite or marble, are the most popular choice for homeowners and renovators across the country.

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