The Guide to Mid-Century Furniture and Decor

Mid-century furniture is known for its ability to combine organic shapes and simple lines with a classy touch. It also uses some of the newest methods and materials in order to revive traditional designs. This style of decor uses flat panes to connect different shapes with nature and create simple forms that have organic influences. Form and function are two fundamental principles that define mid-century style furniture. Mid-century Decor: Characteristics

Understanding mid-century furniture, its differences, similarities, details, etc., will help you create themed homes.

Minimalized Decor: Mid-century homes are often decorated with bold pieces, such as large geometric paintings or sculptures. They do not have tiny trinkets or furniture. Focus is on the essentials to create a cohesive look for the home and avoid unnecessary items.

Geometric Shapes – Simple shapes are further embellished with geometric patterns, such as clocks and prints, to add character to your home.

Bold colors: Furniture from the mid-century period uses bold colors to add visual interest.

Using different materials: Mid-century decor is generally characterized by the combination of man-made and natural materials. Modern materials like plywood or plastic laminates are used to cover the geometric curves in mid-century furniture.

Minimalist Lighting: Midcentury ceiling or floor lights featuring round, straight, or curved contours and preferably finished in metal can do wonders for the decor.

Mid-Century Living Room

Teak furniture is synonymous with mid-century modern design. You can bring mid-century style indoors or outside. When combined with bright colors, teak furniture gives your home a perfect look. What about a comfortable velvet 3-seater couch or a durable, strong lounge chair? Charles’ lounge chair from the mid-century period is a must-see. The perfect centerpiece is a coffee table that complements the lounge chair.

Mid-Century Kitchen

The kitchen design is the most difficult in terms of form and function. Consider a tulip or Nelson’s Bubble table to help you navigate the world of mid-range and modern decor. If you have a large breakfast bar, consider using molded wood stools to create a unique piece. Accessorizing open shelving with colored glass can bring a pop of mid-century color to the room while adding a modern function.

Mid-Century Workspace

Most of us converted our workspaces after the pandemic. Items that are decorated can help you increase your productivity. Furniture is a key factor in making an ordinary workday productive. What is required? It takes only a few iconic items, like the Aluminium Chair, to tell your aesthetic story and make it a comfortable place to begin your day. Include a Polygon Clock and hang it all racks in geometric shapes to keep it stylish.

Learn more about the other options for furniture and accessories, such as carpets and rugs, that can add comfort and style.

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