Unique Paintings To Decorate Your Home

Adorning walls with paintings at home or the office shows people your creativity and provides a distinct atmosphere. From the cool and relaxing to the warm and modern or even the bright and sporty, there’s a painting for any theme and color scheme.

There are a few things to consider when deciding to put paintings on the wall. Aside from measuring the space for dimensions and taking your budget into account, the main focus of your painting should be around the color scheme and theme.

A Note About Color

The painting’s colors will influence a room profoundly and can be the difference between relaxation and anger. Like green and purple, cooler tones are more relaxing and meditative than warmer colors, like red or yellow.

So, it’s essential to account for contrasts in color. Look up the color wheel while considering the harmonies in color theory. Although this involves more than what can be discussed here, it’s something to mull over if you’re serious about the painting and how it will look.

Theme-Based Ideas

Antiquities: The Ancient World

Many artists focus on the ancient world and attempt to recreate classic statues on canvas like the Venus de Milo, the Thinker, or the Discus Thrower. But there are also other renditions from other renowned cultures like ancient Egypt, the Mayans, or Norse Vikings.

Beauty Or Fashion

If you have a salon, home studio, vanity area, or some other place suited to beauty, cosmetics, fashion, or shoes, getting mod paintings of art deco women, a big pair of lips, or a sassy set of high-heeled shoes can provide an environment of inspiration to gorgeousness.

Cooking; Kitchen

Artistic renditions of anything found in a kitchen or chef’s utensils make wonderful works of art for your home kitchen or a chef’s office. Also, paintings of food, herbs, and wines will work well in these types of areas.

Dance Or Exercise

Ballerinas, yoga poses, or other kinds of dance, like Flamenco, will make a gorgeous addition to any space where exercise or dance is a feature. This includes offices and reception areas for larger studios and gyms.

Finance Or Banking

Posh paintings of money in the bag, a woman’s fingers rifling through a stack of bills, or a famous financier are great for establishments of banking, assets, and finance. Although not recommended for at-home use, you could if that’s where you keep your office.

Modern; Avant-Garde

If you’re going for the eccentric and outlandish, there’s always a host of paintings available that explore line, shadow, depth, and texture with wild color schemes. These are beautiful in any room of the house and provide a certain elegance in the office.

Nature; Environment

Paintings of forests with deer, cats in the jungle, oceans featuring whales, and beach-strewn shells along the seasides are always great decorations for the home. These kinds of artwork add a particular feeling and tone to a room that’s striking, powerful, and reflective.

Sports; Hobbies

You could feature sports cars, racing (vehicles or horses), track-and-field, big cats, and other large games. Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and bowling can all come in painting renditions that are stunning, artistic, and breathtaking for any basement, activity room, gym, or office.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list will get you brainstorming, and you’ll get a bit of inspiration from the suggestions here. Remember to be patient and take your time to consider things thoroughly and well. Ensure the painting speaks to you and the room you intend to put it in.

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