You can give your home the perfect look with professional DIY skills

Most of us have spent seclusion. In the last few months, we have spent more time in our homes than all other years put together. There was a positive. Now, DIY repairs take up most of our time. This is the perfect time to begin dry-lining your walls or creating gallery walls. This article will show you three easy DIY techniques that can give your home the perfect look. Ready? Let’s get started.

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder

Are you tired of losing your keys all the time? This key holder is perfect for you. You can use any rectangular piece of wood or wooden slab you have lying around, such as a piece of furniture or wood from your garden. If the slab or piece has not been treated, it is best to seal it with polyurethane. This will prevent woodworms and other pests from infesting your home. After treating it, you can paint it.

Here’s your chance to get creative. If you want to take it a step further, add stickers with phrases like “Don’t Forget Me”, “Pick Me Up” and drill holes in the wood. Then screw the key hooks. You can use adhesive glue to attach your slab to your wall near the door or hammer a pin into the back.

DIY Plant Cuttings Propagation

This is the day for gardening enthusiasts! Water is the best way to propagate a plant using cuttings. It is easy and effective. Check online to see if your plant can be propagated using cuttings. The first step is propagation in water. Find the node of the stem and cut a large section below it.

Please place the plant in a container with water and leave it somewhere warm where it will receive a lot of sunlight. After a few weeks or months, you’ll probably notice the roots starting to grow. To speed up the process, you can add a “rooting hormone” to the water. Once it is rooted, please remove it from the water gently and place it into a pot filled with new soil. Watch it grow and water it regularly.

DIY Wallpaper Covering

Do your old cabinets, dishwashers, or cupboards look dull and unattractive? Many families face this problem. We have a simple but unexpected solution for you: peel-and-stick wallpaper!

The variety of patterns available allows you to give your home an extra aesthetic touch. You can peel and stick them or wrap them around various surfaces in your home. Easy-peasy, huh?

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