Need A Decor Change For Your Bedroom & Your Home?

As humans, we require constant change. Most people are always looking for the next frontier to conquer. A new car, the latest cellphone, new restaurants, new recipes. We love novel things, and we need them quickly.

It’s no surprise then that we have an impulsive need to continuously effect change while keeping the homely charm intact for our own house and junior one-bedroom.

This post will mention five main ways to revamp our home decor and keep it consistent with the decor of our bedroom as well.

Choose A Theme and Think It Through!

It May sound obvious, but this is where most folks get it all mixed up. While most know what theme we need in our heads, we aren’t sure about the specifics, which brings a mess. Also, depending on where you are located, your preference for a particular theme will vary wildly.

Folks in the United Kingdom and England prefer Farmhouse themes that share a rural vibe. Secondly, the age of the members of the household also plays an important role. Older generations tend to prefer Industrial styles that appear to be very raw from the 19th century.

However, younger members prefer designs that tend to be eco-friendly and slightly tacky. It is important to take tastes into account before choosing a theme.

Get Your Hands on The Accessories!

The essential components of great decor are the core fundamental bits: the paint, the furniture, and the flooring. Then there are the secondary aspects: the fabric used, the upholstery and accessories/props, and the wall paintings.

The secondary design elements are just as important as the fundamentals, so depending on the chosen theme, one should consider the accessories that should be in place. Here are a few accessories that go well with certain selected themes.

  1. Machinery Style Props with Industrial Themes
  2. Sleek showpieces with contemporary designs
  3. Altars and Sculptures with traditional designs specific to countries
  4. Exposed Swords and Ancient Tools with Ancient Indian Styles
  5. Plants, Pottery, and Trees with Eco-Friendly Themes

Furniture, Make Sure You Know Where It Comes From and How It Is!

Unless your remodeling is relatively minor, this is by far going to be the most expensive portion of the expenditure, so it is important to make sure that this is done right and, more importantly, done well.

There are two ways to do this: if you’re looking at smaller quantities, you’re better off sourcing from any online retailer. But if you’re looking at relatively larger amounts, especially in a specific theme, getting in touch with a manufacturer is not an outlandish idea at all.

Some wholesale suppliers, like FurnitureRoots, do Rustic Furniture particularly well. But bear in mind that most manufacturers and distributors have minimum quantity requirements, and you will need to order a break-even quantity to make things cost-effective for yourself. Make sure that you do all the thorough checks before ordering in this method.

More often than not, the furniture supplier itself can supply you with all the props and accessories needed, and they also know how to get the ambiance right with the correct pairing of furniture.


Probably one of the most underrated aspects of changing the decor theme of the house. Decor can accentuate far more impact on the existing setup, and doing this correctly will highlight the work you have already done for your setup.

As a rule of thumb for homes with light paints and light materials like lightly colored marble, having slightly bright lighting enhances the place’s appeal, look, and feel. And this works well and vice versa, too. But we are no experts on the subject.

Rugs, Gallery Walls and Curtains

Okay, this one is optional, but if you want to be one of the wealthy folks, which most people do, this is a great option.

Rugs, for obvious reasons, are the cheapest interior revamp you can do! Pair it well with a coffee table and the sofa set, and you’ll have a great section ready. Usage of rugs and carpets doesn’t necessarily need to be confined to a single space in the living room. Some of the other places where they are used include staircases at the ends of beds and long-narrow ones for the hallway.

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