Decorating with Rugs and Carpets

Rugs are known to add a vibrant pattern to dull rooms, but they have many other reasons for being a must-have. Mats can be used to tie together all of the eclectic pieces in a room, define a space, and add warmth. They also help with decor layering.

You can decorate a Rug in many ways. Your creativity is the limit. Here are ten of the most popular decorating methods that Picket&Rail uses:

Rugs can be used to define areas.

Rugs can be used to separate or define areas such as foyers, dining areas, or seating areas. This is particularly useful in studio apartments and larger rooms where there needs to be some definition.

Create Variety

Rugs can be used to add variety to an area. Be aware that using two identical rugs in the same room can divide it visually. Create an array of rugs by using different sizes.

Create Harmony

It’s best to match the styles of your rugs when you use more than one. You could end up with an unpleasant or jarring effect if you don’t. A room with too many “warring patterns” will lose its harmony.

Color Scheme Ideas

A favorite rug can be used to create a color scheme for a room. If you decide to add the carpet after your furnishings are in place, it can be used as an accent or tie in your existing colors.

Control the Volume

Use a carpet to quieten down a room visually or increase the volume when needed. Choose a rug with a subtler pattern if your wallpaper or upholstery has an ornate design. If your walls and upholstery have a subdued color scheme, try adding a rug with contrasting colors or patterns.

Dress up a Wall

You can also use a Rug to create a focal or display rug.

Play Around with Shapes

You shouldn’t assume a rug must be rectangular. The shape of the carpet will depend on how you arrange your furniture. If you can’t decide which form will look the best, try a square or round shape.

Be sure to get the right size.

If you want to buy a rug that fits a roomdeduct 3 feet from both the width and length of the room. The space will appear larger if you leave the floor bare around the perimeter. If you are putting a rug underneath your dining table, make sure to leave at least 24 inches of rug on each side. The back legs of chairs will stay on the carpet even when they are pulled out for someone to sit. The runner should be four inches narrower and between 18-24 inches shorter than the hallway. Ensure that they are large enough for both your feet to be on the rug while you walk.

Upgrade a Room

Replace pillows with rugs to refresh a room to reflect the changing seasons or introduce new color trends.

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