Why Lanterns are a Must-Have

Lanterns can add a touch of sophistication to an office with a classic style or a rustic feel to your porch. The history of lanterns has led to an endless variety of sizes, shapes, and types. Lanterns are not only candleholders but can also be used on a variety of occasions, depending on their decor. They can set the mood for any event!

Imagine the endless possibilities of the lanterns. Here are some ways to style them in your home.

You can hang them on your patio.

It’s perfect for parties at night and gatherings in your gazebo. Soft light sources are ideal for group conversations or intimate discussions over wine. You can also add some on the floor to illuminate the path. This is a very chic and casual decoration!

You can use them as centerpieces for your table.

The flickering light from a candle is calming. Use it as a candle in a lantern to keep smoke away from children and still enjoy the fragrance. It is ideal for date nights and peace of mind.

Console table with a theme

Lanterns with unique designs make an excellent console statement. This vignette will elevate your interiors and impress your guests. It can be left empty or filled with ornaments, succulents, or collectibles.

Special occasions deserve a staircase.

Are you planning to celebrate a significant milestone at home with your family? Place small lanterns of different colors by the stairs to replace tealight holders. You can use them as a temporary exhibition or in your home.

You can hang them on the wall.

What a rustic feel! Wall lanterns are a great way to save space in your home and provide task lighting. You’ll also look less cluttered!

Build Your Style

Lanterns have endless possibilities. Create a terrarium with a bouquet, use fairy lights tangled together, or build nativity scenes. Or decorate your home with seasonal ornaments. This is a cheap way to keep your home looking fresh!

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